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“Edu-Cat-Malaysia” is a community organisation created by David Bradley and his wife Gudrun Nienaber to spearhead initiatives, activities and ongoing education campaigns to help prevent further environmental degradation.

“Edu-Cat-Malaysia is a member of “Clean Up the World”, an organization supported by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). “Clean Up the World” is a global environmental initiative that attracts an estimated 35 million participants from 130 countries each year taking responsibility for the future of our earth by participating in different projects around the globe. The local activities of “Edu-Cat-Malaysia’ will gain global exposure as part of the global “Clean Up the World” program. To learn more about “Clean Up the World” visit www.cleanuptheworld.org . To learn about the activities of Members visit http://activities.cleanuptheworld.org.

Through the membership of “Edu-Cat-Malaysia” in “Clean Up The World” we will bring together various Government and quasi government organizations, businesses, community groups and individuals to conduct a range of activities and programs that positively improve local environments. Our love for the sea and sailing and many years of participation in “Clean Up Australia” campaigns in Sydney Australia, has led us to focus on leading an initiative in Malaysia to clean up local waterways nationwide.

2012 Campaign Objective

Following the remarkable success of our 2011 Cleaner Marina campaign at Port Klang, we decided to spread our wings in 2012 and co-ordinate clean-ups in more than just one location.

Edu-Cat-Malaysia has been able to secure the support and backing of the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) and the Eurasian Consulting for Strategic Innovation group (ECSI) in addition to our loyal partners from 2011, The Expat Group (TEG) and Rotary clubs from Chapter 3300 who are the fabulous front line on the ground that make it all happen at the clean-up locations chosen!

The prime purpose of the 2012 nationwide “Clean Up Malaysia” campaign is to draw widespread public attention to the ever increasing problem of waterways pollution caused mainly by the indiscriminate and thoughtless improper disposal of rubbish such as metal, plastic and paper drink and food containers, plastic bags, rice bags, used pallets, fishing nets, ropes and lines, shipping waste, vast amounts of vegetation and run-off from land clearing, waste paper, cigarette-butts and the list goes on!

During our “Clean Up Malaysia” days at specific locations across peninsular Malaysia to be announced soon, our volunteer “water warriors” will pick up and properly dispose of enormous quantities of litter and create a high short term level of awareness of the need to do something about this parlous state of affairs.

The longer term objective which will be enabled with sponsorship from corporate and private members of MABC and members of the general public seeking a very worthwhile “social responsibility” project, is to develop and implement topical and meaningful education programs for implementation at pre-schools, schools, colleges and universities across the land and at work-places and villages everywhere. We have to change the mind-set of everyone with regard to the proper disposal of litter over the long term to restore our waterways to their original pristine beauty. Water is and will remain one of our most precious resources.

Venue Details

We are putting together plans for major clean up campaigns in Langkawi, Penang and KL with the local Rotary Clubs in those areas. It is fitting therefore that in 2012 we are naming our campaign “Clean Up Malaysia”.

Date: Saturday November 3, 2012.

Kuala Lumpur :

Clean Up area: Sg. Tua river at Gombak from 9am to 12 noon on Saturday, November 3.
Collection point: 9am at the 2nd car park by the river in front of the gazebo.
Participants will be briefed about the “Do’s and Don’t’s” and will be provided with gloves and garbage bags.
Re-assembling at the briefing area at 12 noon with all the rubbish collected.

Langkawi :

Clean Up area: Datai Bay, the island of Anak Datai from 8.30 am till 11.30 am on Saturday, November 3.

Date: December 2012 (exact date to be confirmed).

Penang : The waterfront at Gurney Drive.
Langkawi : Pantai Cenang.

Further details will be published soon.

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