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Our love for the sea sea and sailing and many many years of participation in "Clean Up Australia” campaigns in Sydney, Australia, has led us to focus on leading an initiative in Malaysia to clean up the marinas and local waterways where we spend so much of our time.

The Expat Group as a major supporter, partner and sponsor of the Edu-CatMalaysia initiative, has been instrumental in helping to ensure the success of our mission. To achieve lasting results it is critical that not only do we undertake specific manageable clean-up campaigns to raise awareness of the current situation, but we also must implement a long-term education campaign focussed on awareness of the environment and how we can all change old habits. The aim is to help prevent further environmental degradation and keep Malaysia as pristine as possible.

Rather than attempt to do everything at once we believe that better results would be obtained by undertaking one specific project at a time. Right now we are bringing various government and government-affiliated organizations, businesses, community groups and individuals together to participate in the “RSYC Cleaner Marina Day” to be held on the 15 October 2011 at the Royal Selangor Yacht Club in Port Klang. This will be a fun-filled day with a huge message that we must all take more care of our environment.

Our objectives for the “RSYC Cleaner Marina Day” are to Clean up the waterways around the RSYC and bags to hold the caps, T-shirts and otherwill be providing re-usable “goody” create awareness of the need to prevent the pollution and degradation of Malaysia’s waterways.

We are actively and successfully recruiting partners and sponsors to help us achieve our short and long term objectives. With Special thanks for the early and unwavering support of our first partner, The Expat Group, we have also partnered up with the Rotary Club of Bandar Bukit Tinggi, who will be providing a great deal of local support. We also have the full support of M.P. Klang, the local council, who will be providing substantial assistance in providing waste containers for the pick-up, sorting, collection and recycling of the enormous amount of flotsam and jetsam we expect to collect from the Klang on this day.

We plan with the wonderful support of Simpson Marine and the RSYC to actively involve the professional fishing community of Port Klang, who will be recruited to take volunteers onto their boats on that day to pick up the rubbish floating along the river. As an added incentive, we intend to compensate the fishermen for their time and resources.
We are delighted that we also have secured support and commitment from several very prestigious corporate sponsors. Corporate social responsibility is alive and well! Mercedes-Benz-Malaysia have agreed to provide designer caps and T-shirts for the individual volunteers for this event, Neways Worldwide have donated enough of their excellent sun-block, “Sunbrero” to ensure that our volunteers do not get too sun-burnt on the day and Simpson Marine
incentives for the registered volunteers who participate in the big clean up. There will be other private and business sponsors who want to become involved in our mission and provide the necessary support.

Our longer term goal is to continue to conduct a range of activities and programs to positively improve local environments and to initiate ongoing education campaigns promoting responsibility for caring for the environment at all levels of the community, focusing on water resources in particular.

To stay up to date with the rapidly growing support and enthusiasm for the mission of “Edu-Cat-Malaysia” please visit our beautiful new website www., proudly sponsored and managed by The Expat Group.
If you would like to join us on 15th October as a participant, please complete and submit the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION REGISTRATION form that can be found on the Edu-Cat-Malaysia website.

Only registered volunteers will be able to participate in “RSYC Cleaner Marina Day” and numbers will be restricted to the first five hundred individuals who have completed and submitted the registration form. Successful applicants will be advised. This will be a very fun day in the sun participating in a very worthwhile cause so, don’t delay! Get in early and join us in caring for Malaysia’s beautiful waterways. Further details will be published in the October issue of The Expat magazine.




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