A Call for Action!

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By David Bradley And Gudrun Nienaber

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Over the past two months I hope you will have seen articles in this illustrious publication entitled “We all must DO something!” and “Working towards Cleaner Waterways”.

Edu-Cat-Malaysia, is an organization put together by MM2Hers David Bradley and his wife Gudrun Nienaber. Edu-Cat-Malaysia is a member of “Clean Up the World”, an Australian enterprise supported by The United Nations Environment Program. (UNEP). Through this membership we have access to the vast experience gathered over the past 22 years about “How To” organize and run “Clean Up” campaigns. So we will be using proven and well tested protocols and we do not need to re-invent the wheel! Please see http://activities.cleanuptheworld. org/ and www.cleanuptheworld.org.

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We are proud that The Expat Group (TEG) is our media partner and one of the major sponsors of Edu-Cat-Malaysia and TEG also manages our beautiful website www.educatmalaysia.com. Please visit this website and “Like” the Edu-Cat-Malaysia Facebook Page (Search for Edu-Cat-Malaysia) and see what they are doing to prevent further environmental degradation of our waterways by initiating specific events to “Clean Up” marinas around Malaysia. We will use these events to draw public attention to the need to make this “Clean Up” a long term sustainable effort. This can only happen over many years of education resulting in a mind-set change in the general public’s attitude to rubbish disposal and litter.

Remember that litter (plastic containers, plastic bags, paper, cigarette butts and so on) thrown from a car window or motorcycle, or carelessly dropped by a pedestrian ends up in the gutter. From there it flows into the storm water drain the next time it rains. From the storm-water drains, the rubbish flows with the storm-water to the creeks and river systems and finally makes its way to the sea. Every year millions of sea-birds and thousands of turtles, dolphins and other marine life die from ingesting plastic. In many cases the pieces of plastic are mistaken for natural food. For example the once ubiquitous and beautiful green sea-turtle eats quite a number of jelly-fish in its diet and a floating plastic bag can look remarkably like a jelly-fish. There is now an absolutely astounding amount of plastic rubbish floating around in the oceans and seas of the world.

We will be designing and implementing environment awareness and education programs for implementation in schools nationwide and workplaces everywhere to work towards that specific objective. We are currently seeking expressions of interest from companies, businesses, and individuals who would like to assist us in this mission. Involvement in this very visible program will give corporations excellent PR and a very meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project to embrace.

Edu-Cat-Malaysia, a dynamic and proactive organization, has already attracted some very high-profile supporters and sponsors to whom we are most obliged. In addition to TEG, we are delighted to have Mercedes-Benz-Malaysia, Simpson Marine, Neways International, The Rotary Club of Bandar Bukit Tinggi and Rotary International, Mofaz and the Royal Selangor Yacht Club fully behind us in promoting an outstandingly successful day on 15 October. We also have the approval and support of the Port Authority of Port Klang to hold the event in the Klang River Port area and Majlis Perbandaran Klang (the local council) that will provide all of the necessary logistics for the collection, sorting, recycling and disposal of the mountain of rubbish we will build on 15 October.

All volunteers who participate in the “RSYC Cleaner Marina Day” on 15 October will receive a very attractive re-usable (of course!) shopping bag (courtesy Simpson Marine) containing fabulous goodies supplied by our most generous sponsors. So please download the ‘RSYC Cleaner Marina Day’ Volunteer Registration Form from the PARTICIPATE page on our website, fill-in this form and submit it to info@educatmalaysia. com. This promises to be a fun-filled day with free top quality designer Polo-shirt and cap (courtesy Mercedes-Benz), Sunbrero sun-screen (courtesy of Neways), free 500ml drinking water (courtesy of Mofaz), rubber gloves, free breakfast and free lunch (courtesy of Rotary Club of Bandar Bukit Tinggi) and rides on local fishing boats out into the Klang River to collect as much rubbish as we can.

Please give us a few hours of your time to help make this a most memorable event. Fill out and submit the Volunteer Registration. If it is not possible for you to attend and participate in this “Clean Up” day personally please give some thought to making a donation to help defray the cost of printing posters, forms, and certificates and to help pay for the cost of the fishing boat fleet that will be so instrumental to the success of the day. Donations for this cause can be made to:

Kelab Rotary Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang RHB Bank Klang Account number: 2125 9000 001828 Reference: “RSYC Cleaner Marina Day”

We look forward to seeing many of you at the RSYC on 15 October and we are reliably informed that the event will be blessed by the presence of either the Sultan of Selangor or the Raja Muda. Come along and have a really interesting, fun – filled and rewarding day on October 15 starting at 7.30am. See you there!

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